Shock In a Page

In this study sheet I cover everything you need to know in Nursing School and about Shock and more since shock is an underlying presentation that the new nurse should see as risk for shock. This topic on the NCLEX is based on critically thinking about the patient fully.

This Nursing Student Study sheet Brain Sheet covers What is hypovolemic, cardiogenic, Allergic, Septic and Spinal shock to include hemodynamics. This sheet includes Medications for the NCLEX and class however a student is note responsible to know drip rates or advanced hemodynamics that are represented on this page.

Some notable for the Nursing student in advanced medical surgical nursing are

Types of Shock

Types of Vasopressors used in Shock

Sepsis Bundle

Alpha and Beta Medications

If you have an interest in the critical care areas then this sheet is for you since it encapsulates critical thinking and application of the lab fishbones.

This study sheet is part of the platinum membership colored pocket Study Sheets for Nursing.