Conceptual KAMP Symptology

I have been working on my book conceptual kamp among other things and have been looking at ways to think about symptoms in case studies and NCLEX questions.

In this chapter I have a work book available under resources for download to work on there are objectives since this is used in my class in high acuity and Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing.



Objective: The student will critically think through each presented symptom and classify it according to system outline below and base it on an acuity rating.

Primary Classification (though several organs may be involved narrow down to the most likely condition or presentation symptom that would be included in a nclex style question)

Primary System or Specialty Involvement

P= Pulmonary Symptom

C= Cardiac Symptom

R=Renal Symptom

E=Endocrine Symptoms


L-Labor Deliver Kids Maternal Health

B-Behavioral Health


         Conceptual Focus

O- Oxygenation Related

B- Perfusion Related

S- Safety Related

M- Higher Maslow- (ie. Requiring education, teaching)

Acuity Rating

1- Stay in the room Urgent-Notfiy Provider

2- Intervention Needed

3- Assess Patient gather more Data

4- Anticipate Medication Being Ordered

5- Non Urgent

Here is a preview of this

Complication- Main complication 3 word or less