Conceptual KAMP

Conceptual KAMP – A new book I am working on in which you look at a condition and apply critical thinking to the process. Based off concept maps but more visual. 

Conceptual KAMP- Critical Thinking

This is a conceptual model I am working on in illustrations complex conditions while applying critical thinking. I use this in my teaching and instruction and will walk through the process here to clarify each area.

Let’s start with the concept Myocardial Infarction(MI) since that would be the most understood presentation. 

Start with the Center Box and write down Myocardial Infarction

Start with the  presentation thinking what would bring this patient in, how would the presentation be, Would The first Symbol walking man. Would they just walk into the office and wait with an MI? or would they most likely come by an ambulance or could be in a hospital bed and have an MI?

The Next is the gender are they most likely to be male or female and what age are they most likely to present with an MI this would be a average age. 

The next box is the Symptoms 3- This is where you try to narrow down the most likely symptoms a patient with an MI would present with.  This can be done in a group process to get the most likely defininition. 

Under Participating is anticipate!

The Next is the Precipitating box- In this box what is the precipitating history is it CAD? Hyperlipdemia, HTN, Angina? This wiull arrow to the lead concept then the next box which is the Main Complication again narrowing down in this case Cardiogenic Shock.


ANTICIPATE: The next box is to explore what might be anticpated to include, Monitor, Vitals, Labs, Positioning, XRAY diagnostics, IV fluids, or Medication Writing then drawing a line to the rest of the blocks. 

VITALS: This section is the area what a patients vitals might look like in this case and whether they may go up or down if complications arise.

The Acute 3: This content are are the 3 complications that you might have to call the doctor for- drawing a line to the complication

The Nursing 7:This section is a look at the 7 things that stand out about this Medical Condition. write down what things stand out and draw lines to them. 

Complication:These are the organs that may be affected drawing lines and noting complications

Disposition: This section is whether the patient will be discharged, admitted, MS, Tele etc. 

Fishbone Labs:If applicable- Outlined in the blood book the labs you should know on

This is a working sheet that I am currently evolving and incorporate into my lectures at the college I teach at if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out, until then Nurseon!

Kevin -KAMP- Nursing KAMP