AHAPC Analyzing Medications in NCLEX Questions

In this studysheet I analyze medications in questions by utilizing Nursing KAMP’s AHAPC process

Medications in questions are important indicators of understanding of the nursing process.  Whenever there is a medication in the question the med should be analyzed using “AHAPC”. Utilizing the 5 step method when attempting to answer the question gives a critical thinking and insight into the presenting question.

Some Basic Rules first are:

  1. Medications that are in the question are questions about the medication don’t overlook them
  2. Medications that are in the answers are generally distractors see rule 3 for other indicator
  3. If the question indicates anticipated order, or to prepare for, or prescribed interventions the med in the answer may be correct. Think if this med is given does the patient get better or am I treating just the symptom. Generally meds are not given in priority action for symptom management in NCLEX questions leading to Nursing Interventions as priority.
AHAPC is Completed in the following Priority Order

A- Acute or Chronic

H-Hold The medication

A-Assess for Complications

P-Prepare to Administer

C- Call or notify

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